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About Me

My Background


When I was a child, my first major work, at age 5, was critically responded to and after my punishment my parents made sure I had paper and crayons to hand.  As I got older, this love for creating art never faded and eventually I began to study art and learn all I could.  An initial interest in ceramics lead me to sculpture and my desire to work in glass and vitreous enamel began when I was developing glazes for ceramics.

My Medium


I am a multi-discipline artist.  Materials that are mainly used in the creation of my work are oil based clay, copper, silver, glass and vitreous enamels (powdered glass).  I find  working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process.  Combining these various disciplines allows me to stretch my creativity.

My Inspiration


Inspiration comes from all around me.  A bird in flight, children playing in a sprinkler, the ants climbing a flower stalk all can inspire me to make a work. My main focus in creating a piece is to capture the feeling and delight felt in observing that and imbue that into the piece so those that view it can experience it as well.


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